TFV Presents: Bass Physics Interview Live At Decadence Colorado

Wow! What a weekend at Decadence CO ringing in the new year for 2024! TFV is so blessed for the
opportunity to sit down and chat with BASS PHYSICS, a Denver-based multi-instrumentalist/producer.
We went over some exciting news such as his first solo debut LP LOST IN SPACE out Thursday, January,
11 2024,. Two singles from the upcoming album (Where I’ve Been “Bass physics, Micah Martin”) and
(FLY AWAY “Bass Physics, CASS”) are available on Spotify so please make sure you check these out and
PRE SAVE this fire debut album! His background in music as well as his love for the community has
shown in performances at some of the most iconic locations such as RED ROCKS (5x), Decadence, and a sold-out show at BLUEBIRD THEATRE. We must also give the honorable mention of the jaw-dropping
performances my friends will not stop talking about at Cancun’s EMBER SHORES. I enjoyed
learning about his hobbies, talents, and interests in various music genres.

With over 71 thousand listeners on Spotify and 60 thousand plus followers on all combined platforms,
we see why he is so loved by his audience and are SO excited to see the growth in his career this year.
Thank you BASS PHYSICS and his team, we hope to chat in the future!

Spotify – 71.3K monthly listeners
Facebook – 28K followers
SoundCloud – 18.1K followers
Instagram – 13.4K followers