Dirtybird Releases Lineup Of Amazing Campout



As festivals make their way back, I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am about Dirtybird. Do you want a great outdoor event with pools? You got it! Do you want great music? You got it! A good environment? You got it! Claude VonStroke and 2 Live Crew, from Choopsie to Codes, so much into this great event! I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am to be reporting on this collaboration of great artist’s!


Mask up, that’s the way we like to…


So… let’s do this! Mask up, vaccinations in, that’s the way we like to win! Come on, guys; we know chips aren’t in those vaccinations, so why not do your part in the community and take them? Secondly, mask the heck up! Be a helping hand and prevent Covid by taking this seriously. The only way we’re going to make a real come-back is by taking these preventive measures to help our community.




Okay, but that lineup, though, as we went over before, Daddy Claude will be there, but who else? Let’s explore! TokiMonsta and Walker & Royce, Pillowtalk, Justin Jay, and so much more. Oh my God, this lineup is insane! You can’t beat an outdoor venue at Avanti Palms Resort with these incredible producers and so much more! They have deals starting at $250 for the weekend and rooms and weekend passes starting at $1,050. These are great deals and should not be slept on, okay!?


See full lineup and buy tickets here!