Dirtybird Wants You To Get On The Road To Campout

Dirtybird Reveals Line-up And Details For Road To Campout

Dirtybird is at it with a new event! For those of you who just can’t wait for Dirtybird’s Campout, you’ve got the Road To Campout! Honestly, it’s been a long road back to dancing in California, but we’re close! Some of us may be a little rusty, so Dirtybird is gathering its flock ahead of their annual migration to Campout, to give us a little green grass daytime dance party reminder. Ready to dance?

Of course, the legendary Claude VonStroke will be there welcoming the crew back together. The famous Dirtybird founder will be joined by a new generation of Dirtybird flag bearers including Nala, DJ E-Clyps, and some special guests (announced and unannounced). Emphasizing Dirtybird’s commitment to the very best in global underground dance music, KINK will also be performing live. Claude has been trying to get this analog superstar out to California from Bulgaria for over 4 years and it’s finally happening. Are you excited or what?

All About The Road To Campout

The Road To Campout continues Dirtybird’s long-standing connection to outdoor parties in urban centers. The label has thrown some epic parties over the years! For instance, this includes BBQs and outdoor live events for over 16 years. They’ve held events crisscrossing the globe and spreading good vibes via left-of-center house music. The storied record label always brings an uplifting boutique party experience to a crowded field of generic mega raves. 

The party will get started in Los Angeles’ Expo Park on August 8! It will take place on a grassy, tree-covered site and dancefloor, in the heart of Downtown. This won’t be a DJ booth in a car park, Dirtybird will be bringing all its fun and games, with many of the favorite team leaders, activities, production, characters, and mischief-makers that have made Campout so singularly beloved.

The Road to Campout

As fans reconnect in this urban oasis on the Road to Campout, they can expect Dirtybird faves, like killer BBQ, exclusive merch, team competitions, and a set of DJs that know how to have fun in and out of the booth. See y’all there!


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