Dub Wub Orlando: King of the Underground

Dub Wub Orlando celebrated it’s maiden opening this past weekend to MASSIVE success!

Presented by Gorse Events, Dub Wub Orlando was a 1-day EDM festival in Orlando, Florida, that brought together nationally and locally renowned producers to the Henao Center. The festival completely SOLD OUT, a true testament to the level of production and community required to host ANY successful event in the music industry. 

The festival included incredible talent: from the DJ’s, to the visual artists, to even the festival patrons practicing their flow arts. The food vendors were on point, serving up tasty late night delights like hot BBQ and succulent pancake tacos. What really struck me were the original art vendors, some of whom had incredibly detailed psychedelic paintings that could have given Dali a run for his money. With a packed house, a packed patio, and a stacked lineup, the party continued late into the night!

The most important part of this festival were of course the people that I met. The vibes at Dub Wub were FANTASTIC. Pure, unadulterated PLUR: the very foundations of which the EDM community is built upon. At Dub Wub, I really felt like I was a part of the community. Each person was there to support the artists, the vendors, and one another.

Successful events like Dub Wub Orlando are the reason why new talent and undiscovered artists find fresh audiences to consume and follow their work. Beyond all else, Dub Wub’s success is a clear sign that EDM in Central Florida is here to stay, and that the underground movement here is gaining strength in numbers.

Whether Dub Wub returns next year is anyone’s guess, but I can declare with certainty that:

Dub Wub Orlando is King of the Underground. 

Keep an eye out in the future for all Gorse Events because without a doubt they are OFF THE HOOK.

The Festival Voice will certainly be making our way to more Gorse Events and we hope to see you there too!