GoldRush Festival: WE DIG IT

The long-awaited return of the new, western styled favorite of Arizona is coming back in just a couple of months; and we could not be more excited. GoldRush is making its way into a proud and illustrious second year, September 29th and 30th  2018 for a full weekend of mind-blowing fun.  Gold Rush swept the Arizona desert with amazement last year at its inaugural debut through theatrical bliss and a fun new twist to the festival scene.  Relentless Beats really put their bread and butter into this festival and it has shown its growth coming into its second year quite impressively. 

The line-up the previous year was stacked but have you seen this year’s line-up?  I did not think it could get much better, and Relentless Beats came back and threw that thought right back at me.  With Deadmau5, Steve Aoki, and Illenium sharing the throne for headliners; that is enough right there to know that this festival is going to be one you want to attend.  GoldRush has a very extensive, and versatile line-up to ensure your ears will never be bored.  Relentless Beats is incorporating a lot of house into this year’s GoldRush such as Goldfish, Chris Lake, and MoonBoots! Like heavier genres?  GoldRush has got you covered with SAYMYNAME and Liquid Stranger, so headbang until you have a bang-over! They also continue to support rap being a part of these large music festivals with people like Rich the Kid and Kevin Gates to bring some fresh beats to the stage.  Regardless, you will be bouncin’ and poppin’ to the beat.  There will be multiple, large and fully decked out stages for your enjoyment; but make sure you’re ready to do some walking and exercising as the area its held in, Rawhide Western Town & Event Center, is considerably large.  If you would like to see what it was like last year for yourself, I’ve placed the recap of 2017 video below!

From last year’s GoldRush, I learned a few things that may be helpful to those who are not as familiar.  Relentless Beats moved the date up from November to September, which is good since it got cold enough last year to require a jacket!  Desert weather is very opposite within the same day, meaning very hot during the day and very cool at night. Make sure you come prepared with extra layers for the evening and items to keep cool during the day such as hand fans, misters, umbrellas, water bottles, water bladders, etc. Most importantly, STAY HYDRATED!

Also, this event is held in the desert and, just like their theme with the old west, its very dusty!  Make sure to bring some sort of eye wear and mask for your mouth and nose!  You can develop a horrible cough from inhaling the dust!  Additionally, wear comfortable and flexible closed toed shoes, you’ll be walking/dancing/running a lot!  As with most festival events, DO NOT bring open products such as lip balm, OTC medications, etc.  They will be confiscated and there is no need to waste your hard-earned money and favorite products! They will have several vendors of all different types for food, beverages, and merchandise.  Lastly, from last year this was a cashless event so make sure to bring a couple cards that are valid with you. You can link them to your wristband for payment of all your necessities at the event.

If you have more questions or need to purchase tickets; I have put the link to their main website below! 

GOLDRUSH FESTIVAL ARIZONA MAIN WEBSITE– Buy tickets, see the rules, and more!

We will be at the event photographing all of you beautiful people! So bring your best smiles and outfits because we want to see them!  Can’t wait to see all of you out in the desert!  Stay safe my rowdy westerners!