Okay, so I’m all about safety. (Speaking of safety, check out our survey on safety precautions!) But now EDC has been postponed until October! This is a crazy announcement, that’s for sure!

Check what Pasquale has to say:


While I empathize with Pasquale because this was truly outside of his control, this whole situation is pretty bad. How many people have non-refundable flights and hotels already booked? I personally know of several people who are in this boat. Honestly, the thing should have just been postponed from the get-go. This whole situation could have been avoided!

If you transferred your tickets to 2022- they now have moved them to 2021. Oof. Sucks to be those people, that’s for sure.

When reading the comments, people are furious! Rightfully so. They spent so much money and now have to toss it all. My guess? Vegas will be a raver city anyway so you might as well go to Vegas if you’ve already got your stuff paid for. Bonus vacay- am I right? 

Guess we’ll see what happens next, only time will tell. What are your thoughts? Will you be going to Vegas in May? What about again in October?