Fight For Our Lives-Jordana LeSesne

Fight For Our Lives

Trigger warning: This thread may include instances where people are treated unjustly with acts of racism, hate crimes, and homophobia. This thread highlights racial relations throughout the rave scene.

The Festival Voice has made it our mission to highlight some of the injustices that minorities face within the rave scene. This can include people of color as well as our allies in the LGBTQ+ community. We know that they are truly in a fight for their lives on a daily basis. Jordana LeSense is a trans artist who has been a prominent part of the drum and bass community since the 90s. The Festival Voice will be producing an interview about everything Jordana has gone through this week, but before we did that, we wanted to share some of her music with you. Today’s highlight is her track, Fight For Our Lives.

Fight For Our Lives

Fight For Our Lives was released in June, which was when many of the Black Lives Matter protests were happening. Jordana is quite clear in the track, it is not just a hashtag and the movement hasn’t stopped. While the media isn’t sharing a ton about these protests anymore, they are still happening in many major cities. Black people are in a fight for their lives on a daily basis. 

In this track, Jordana shares about being attacked for being a black trans woman in 2000 in Ohio. She suffered nerve damage as a result of this attack and her attacker didn’t even spend a single night in jail. How is this just? How is this right? This shows the racism and homophobia that many people experience throughout their lives. In this track, Jordana gets real, she gets vulnerable, and we thank her for sharing her story. I found this track to be inspiring as it reminded me that silence is not okay. It reminded me that we have to stand up and do what is right at all costs. BLM is not just a hashtag and it is reform that needs to happen in this country.

You’ll have to check out this track AND more from Jordana. She’s one drum and bass producer that is real and honest. The track is emotional yet still has all the elements of drum and bass that you love. Be on the lookout for more content from Jordana. We will be sharing an interview later this week from Jordana and sharing more of her music with you! Check out some of the collectives that you can take part in to truly make a difference!

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