Follow Your Dreams With Noemi Black


This new EP will inspire you to Follow Your Dreams!Noemi Black has been one busy person! She’s recently released tracks on Substeal Records, Black Vision, Dolma Red, Prospect Records, Eclipse Recordings, and Black Nemesis Records over the past twelve months. Now, we’re ready to see Technical Vibe label boss Noemi Black return to her much-loved imprint for her first full outing of 2021. As a result, we get the absolutely stunning  ‘Follow Your Dreams’ EP. Aren’t we lucky?

The Follow Your Dreams EP includes two parts. As a result, we see Noemi go full-throttle from the get-go. She delivers a heady peak-time cut paired with frenetic drum patterns. The best part? It is a glorious six and a half minutes long! But that isn’t it. Noemi delivers with her versatility on the second track, Be Yourself. On this track, the Technical Vibe head gives us earth-shattering bass and relentless hi-hats. This is truly a remarkable project!


follow your dreams

Speaking about the EP and her plans for 2021, Noemi commented:


“It’s been almost a year since I put out a full EP on my label, so I’m incredibly excited to be returning with a release that I’m really proud of. It’s actually been a very productive period for me and Follow Your Dreams is just one of the many records that I made when all of my touring ground to a halt back in 2020. After this, I’ve got some really exciting projects coming up on a couple of amazing labels, so on the music side (at least) it’s shaping up to be a great year”.




Follow Your Dreams (Original Mix)

Be Yourself (Original Mix)