Free Music?!?!?!? Say What??

How To Get Your Hands On FREE Music

Music is such an integral part of our lives. I mean, you probably wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t care about music, am I right? But it can be so hard to get all the music to satisfy our needs. You can always buy albums off iTunes, which of course, is a fantastic way to support artists. Streaming will get them some money, but then you don’t own the music. How do you get free music?? Everything on this post still supports the artists and is 100% legal. No illegal downloading here! I would never promote that.

One way to get free music that I have gotten a ton of FREE music from is called Freegal music. Don’t just head there and try to get an account though. My local library has a contract with Freegal and offers me 5 free downloads a week. They do not have everything but there is a ton of music in their library. As a library patron, those 5 downloads are paid for through a subscription the library purchases. The artists still get paid and you are using a totally free to you service.

Free Music

Not every library will host this service but I do recommend checking out your local library. The library is an awesome resource for getting free books, ebooks, movies, and other services. I was so shocked to learn that I could get 100% free music from my local library. My librarian told me a lot of libraries are offering this or a similar service.

I’ve posted about podcasts in the past. This is another free way to get music. Artists put these up anyway, why would you not listen to them? I’m not going to go too much into detail here, you can check out my old post to see about podcasts.

How do you get your music? The Festival Voice only supports legal ways that still support the artists at hand.

Happy listening!!

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