Get Back to The Basics with ELEVNS


London-based live electronic act and production duo ELEVNS today release their new single, ‘Get Back’. The duo has been working in collaboration with American rapper Mr. J. Medeiros. The track ‘Get Back’ builds upon an already impressive discography. For example, this features the likes of ‘Got You’, ‘Falling into You’ and the debut full EP ‘Faces & Places’. All of these impressive tracks continue to validate ELEVNS as one of the UK’s most promising rising acts.

Continuously crafting a fusion of pop met with their electronic influences, ‘Get Back’ is a further exhibition of ELEVNS’ prowess as producers. The track has an irresistible up-tempo beat coupled with the versatile vocals of Mr. J. Medeiros. ‘Get Back’ is a further showcase of the duo’s ability to conjure a fresh sound whilst working with a host of like-minded artists and close friends.

Get Back

Get Back with ELEVNS

For ELEVNS, collaboration is key. The duo draws influence from great innovators including Steve Jobs, street artist KAWS and many more. For instance, they see technology as a means to develop music and creativity; something to be embraced and utilized with the desire to ignite the joy of new discovery in the listener.

The duo shares a joint love of Kaytranada, Snakehips, Anderson .Paak, Pomo, GRADES, J Dilla, 20Syl and Brasstracks. All of which are ever present throughout ELEVNS own productions and support for the duo has continued to flourish. Tastemaker Dummy Mag described their style as incorporating ‘elements of R&B, hip hop and soul into their work making for a fresh twist on the traditional pop style’ along with music technology company ROLI. ELEVNS caught the attention of ROLI during a creativity conference in New York. Fast-forward to the new decade and ROLI (and later Soundbrenner) supply ELEVNS with production equipment due to their impressive skill and integrity whilst working in the studio.

As prolific in a studio to performing live on stage, there are no limitations to ELEVNS’ musical abilities. Whether it be an uplifting two-person performance complete with live video, or a full-band spectacular, ELEVNS have already performed in London, Los Angeles, New York City and more, with a global fanbase which continues to grow.

ELEVNS’ ‘Get Back’ is out now via Deja-New Records



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