How to Deal With Social Isolation

Music is My Therapy to Social Isolation

The world sure is a scary place right now. I’ve kind of avoided this topic because honestly, I’m super depressed and anxious about the state of the world today. I didn’t want that to project into this blog post so I thought I’d talk about how I’m dealing with this social isolation. Trust me, I am so bummed out that all these concerts, festivals, and just life, in general, has been canceled.

Listen to some new tunes! You’ve got the time, you’re stuck at home, why not check out some new tracks? A great place to start would be to check out some of our press releases. We’ve got tons of genres on there and you are sure to find something you like! I know that I love checking out all the new music that comes through our inbox. Additionally, you can check out your favorite artists to see if you’ve missed anything new. I follow lots of the artists I like on Spotify, so this is a great way to keep up on their music!

I’ve talked about podcasts a few times before! If you haven’t seen those posts, check them out! The Power of Podcasts is a great one to learn about what podcasts are available and Free Music?!?!? Say What?!?!? (Legally!) talks about ways to purchase your new music. Both are great for finding new tunes.

Share your music with others!! We’re all feeling really isolated right now. I know I miss my family and friends. I can’t even go to work for the next month either. So share your love of music with others! When you share the tracks you love, others will share them back!

Other Ways to Deal

Talk to loved ones! Seriously, give them a call and just check up on them. Don’t go see them! Just check up on them through the phone because that’s the safe and responsible thing to do right now.

I’ve been doing lots of self care too. Honestly, I can barely move right now because I’ve been doing a self-care workout on YouTube. I was already working out… but man! This one is rough! If you are stuck at home, check out workouts online. There are TONS of workouts on there. I know I can’t go to the gym so I’m going to try and stay in shape that way. If you’re not huge into working out, find another way! Meditate, jog while watching TV, whatever you can!

I’m an extrovert by nature and love going out. But I’ve stopped and have decided to do other things I love instead. Find something you love: scrapbooking, reading, crafting, or anything else you haven’t had time to do. (I know, that Game of Thrones book has been sitting on my table for weeks. I love it, just so busy I feel like I haven’t had time!) In addition, I know I’ll also be taking lots of baths, sleeping, and watching Netflix.

social isolation

While these might not be the best self-care options, take time to do things that need done too. Clean your house! Organize your closet. Get a pile of stuff to get rid of (just wait though!). I personally have been getting ahead on homework. I’m in grad school so I plan to have everything done to finish off the semester early!

Seriously guys, this social isolation SUCKS. About the only ones happy are my cats. Seriously, my cats have been all about the cuddles. But we can get through it together! If you are feeling stuck, reach out to someone! What are your best ways for self-care?

Take care!! <3

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