Get Lost at Lost Lands Festival

Man, I don’t know about you, I’m ready to be back at festivals! And honestly, one of my favorite festivals is Lost Lands! Seriously, if you’re a bass music fan (which I totally am), you’ll love this festival. Basically, everyone who’s someone in bass music will be at this festival. Lost Lands will take place September 24th-26th in Legend Valley, Ohio. This is in the town of Thornville, just 45 minutes outside of Columbus.


This picture is a little deceiving because while tickets are on sale, they are sold out. If you still want to experience the magic, Lost Lands has got you covered with their official ticket exchange. This is the way to go! 

Excision has said that he plans to ensure we are all safe. If he doesn’t feel as if performing at these festivals is safe, he won’t host his own. This is reassuring!

They don’t have a lineup released for 2021 yet, but you can expect it to be just as epic as in past years. I know I’ll be there, hanging out with the dinosaurs. I can’t wait to be back and experience the true magic that is Lost Lands! See you there headbangers! Don’t break your neck before the festival from all that headbanging in the living room!