Get Ready for Some Trap Sh!t on Vinyl!

UZ Teams Up With Serato to Release His Iconic Songs “Trap Sh!t 1-5” on Vinyl

Get ready for some Trap Sh!t! UZ has teamed up with Serato to bring trap fans his pivotal releases “Trap Sh!t 1-5” on vinyl for the first time ever. UZ is undeniably one of the leading pioneers of trap music, and now the iconic sounds he created will be sold on vinyl. Who doesn’t love vinyl? That smooth sound is amazing. 

Trap Sh!t


The vinyl features the first five “Trap Sh!t” tracks, releases which helped establish UZ as a leading trap music icon. An influential tastemaker with nearly 200 releases to his name, UZ first exploded onto SoundCloud in 2012 via his “Trap Shit” series, 25 genre-defining trap classics, and subsequently released other heavyweight releases such as ‘BallTrap Muzic Vol. 1’ compilation (commissioned by Redbull) , and billboard charting debut album “Layers”. UZ remains an active voice in trap via his speaker-rattling live sets and his label, Quality Goods Records.


Classic tracks from 2012 are now 
available on vinyl for the first time ever


Purchase the vinyl HERE 


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