Ghiest Shares An Unusual Process For EDM

GHEIST… Unusual

This acoustic track will take you away. Berlin based trio GHEIST have a long affinity with song writing, composition, and melody. This process has been defined by crafting powerful electronic music from behind a piano, which is not usual at all! Of course, 2020 presented a year like no other in modern memory. As a result, this lead GHEIST to produce an EP that is unlike any of their recent output with the aim of providing an honest interpretation of their artistic expression. Through the ‘acoustic – unusual’ EP on their own RADAU imprint, the band proudly presents their personal and vulnerable acoustic versions of their own music to the world.
All musicians develop throughout their careers and finely tune their creative processes. Of course, GHEIST are no different. For instance, the majority of their songs begin life behind a piano and a microphone. The group takes a simple idea or chord and transforms it into driving club ready tracks. Their ‘acoustic – unusual’ EP, opens the door to this process and forms a connection to the audience, that have been starved of their sound for what seems an eternity.  

“It’s times like these that lead us to slowing down and gaining a new perspective.
Our acoustic EP reflects on that very fragile and intense moment of change, creating an intimacy that allows you to dive in and get lost in your very own cinematic mind” – GHEIST

GHIEST Shares the Rest of The Unusual Tracks with You

GHIEST took their time reverse-engineering their existing catalog with this release. For instance, GHEIST have transformed tracks ‘Salvation’, ‘Closest Ever’, ‘Venere’ and ‘Unusual’ into acoustic masterpieces. Acoustic tracks are so fun! The full EP presents a juxtapose in their style and reveals their emotional approach to music creation. As a result, we see the group further solidifying their position as a Hybrid-Live Act and band. Through the use of strings and piano, ‘Salvation’ is reimagined in a dark, emotive, and powerful style that shifts the main focus to the melancholic vocals. This theme is continued on ‘Closest Ever’ and ‘Unusual’, the latter infusing folk-style tones. Finally, EP track ‘Venere’ shines as a bright and positive note. 

GHEIST looks to reconnect with their audience as they share this EP with the world. They have presented the EP as an honest reflection of their feelings and most intimate moments during the last 12 months. Via the ‘acoustic – unusual’ EP, they invite you into their world to share their lyrics, melodies, and emotions.


GHEIST – ‘unusual – acoustic’ EP – Track List
  1. Salvation
  2. Closest Ever
  3. Venere
  4. Unusual
 GHEIST’s ‘unusual – acoustic’ EP Is Out Now via GHEIST’s RADAU Imprint.