Given Back / Given Away

EAXMAR is doing the damn thing yet again. The 19-year-old Netherlands native honors his Moroccan roots by incorporating organic instrumentation over electronic production elements, which are all built into his new release ‘Given Away / Given Given AwayBack.’ The song draws you into a slow lure, only to hit you with drops unimaginable. He dives deep into development with his signature sound. EAUXMAR plugs in his inspiration from James Blake and even Kanye himself, which is understandable if you sit down and listen to him. Loving this track! 

This emotional track brings to light sounds of the 90’s R&B tracks adding in tunes of drums and piano…chimes and bird chirps, amongst other beautiful sounds. He surely does piece it all together iconically, and he has this way of having it all part together to create this beautiful, unique sound. EAUXMAR introduced a fantastic piece of music on his debut EP ‘Tell Me’ as he shows experimentation with his pitches that can be heard worldwide. 

Be sure to grab his new single here! It’s available on many different platforms for your listening pleasure!


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