Grandma Wook at Summer Camp

The Story of Grandma Wook

Do you ever meet someone at a festival and just wonder how in the world they made it to that festival? I’m going to tell you the story of Grandma Wook, which is the name we decided to give her after the festival.

It’s Saturday night and it is getting dark. Summer Camp has been in full swing for two full days now and we’re getting ready to enjoy the evening. It’s the time where we eat dinner and have some drinks before the nighttime shenanigans begin. We’re all sitting under the canopy, hanging out when all of the sudden this older lady enters our canopy and asks how we’re doing.

We were all a little shocked. It isn’t unusual to have someone just walk into your canopy at a festival, but we didn’t expect a 60-year-old woman. I’m not sure how old she was, but she was definitely on the older side. She starts chatting with us and we all chat back. Then she says, “Well, I just got here. Would you all help me put up my tent?” 

Grandma Wook

This isn’t an actual picture of Grandma Wook, btw.

Uh, okay.

We get out there and she has roped some other young guy into putting up her tent. He’s pulling out this brand new tent and starting to set it up. He says they met at a stage and he felt bad because she’s a grandma, you know? He then takes off and lets us finish.

So here is it, Saturday night at dark, and we’re setting up this tent. And then Grandma Wook says, “You guys sure are nice. I want to go on the Ferris wheel. Do you want to go on the Ferris wheel?” I’m not a fan of heights and neither is my boyfriend, Ben, so we politely decline. Then she takes off. We aren’t even done setting up her things and this woman is just gone. 

She has new everything. We set up her tent, her chairs, and her new sleeping bag. 

As we’re doing this, our buddies walk by. “Uh, what’s going on guys?” They literally have no idea what they just walked into. I’m literally in someone else’s tent at this point and they are wondering what the heck is happening. 

We explain that we’re setting up this tent for this lady who took off to ride the Ferris wheel. 

And Grandma Wook was never seen or heard from again. Not joking. She did not come back and sleep in her tent. We checked the next morning and everything was exactly as we had set it up the night before. She didn’t come back before we left on Monday either. We still wonder what happened to her, but I guess we’ll never know. One of my buddies swears he saw an old woman being driven off in a golf cart, but the world will never know.

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