HARD Summer Went So Hard Last Weekend!

This past weekend was the first time NOS Event Center played host for HARD Summer Music Festival. After two years of waiting, Insomniac delivered on California’s first major festival back since COVID! Taking place from July 31st – August 1st, Insomniac’s hottest festival allowed for 85,000 fans of EDM, hip-hop, and all the genres in between to reunite under the eclectic banner of HARD with infinite opportunities to watch incredible sets, create memorable moments, and reconnect with new and old friends since the pandemic.

From the 2,100 feet of misting lines and 104 misting fans to the VIP+ pool, attendees had numerous ways to beat the 104-degree heat. In addition, Insomniac’s Ground Control team and venue-wide signage also encouraged fans to wear masks, which were distributed for free at all info and first aid stations, in addition to a walk-up vaccination clinic which saw major success throughout the weekend amongst both attendees and working staff.

Photos taken by Page Bakunas (Insomniac)

Photo Credit: VIRISA YONG

I was unbelievably blessed that Insomniac had given me the chance to really experience everything HARD had to offer. Let me start off by saying I have always been a GA gal. Save money, live better.

HOWEVER…I have now converted to a VIP+ gal, and let me tell you a few reasons why.

  1. Free stuff.
    Okay, who doesn’t like free stuff? I was able to score VIP lanyards, neon pink, blue, and green HARD Summer visors, deodorant, breathe mints, and everything else I needed to ensure I didn’t smell and kept looking good throughout the day.
  2. AIR CONDITIONED bathrooms (with plumbing)
    I think this speaks for itself. I’m confident that everyone at one point in their festival lives has experienced a hot, smelly, and dirty porta-potty. Not here. The bathrooms are air-conditioned, cleaned often, have plumbing AND mirrors that I thoroughly enjoyed using.
  3. Tons of places to have your photo-ops.
    Were you really at HARD Summer if you didn’t take pictures? Although there was the iconic HARD sign at the entrance, VIP+ provided designated photo-ops areas such as a HARD dog-house, a neon tire-swing under a VIP sign (which of course I rode in just like Miley Cyrus in Wrecking Ball), and of course, the VIP+ pool with the perfect view of the HARD stage. This leads me to my final reason…
  4. PERFECT viewing area
    As someone who typically hangs out furthest away from the stage for the extra space, the VIP viewing area for the HARD and HARDER stage was absolutely perfect. In addition to the location of the viewing area, there was enough room for my friends and I to dance to 2Chains, headbang to Kayzo, shuffle to Dillon Francis and flow to RL Grime b2b Baauer until we were ready to sit down and rest (and still see the stage).

    Photos taken by Page Bakunas (Insomniac)


With all this in mind, I must admit that the production value, the vibrations of the bass, and the people made this festival incredible. Kayzo made my neck hurt, Dillon Francis made me shuffle until I got blisters, and 2Chains made me get down until I couldn’t get down any lower. Insomniac blew this festival out of the water and went the extra mile to make sure fans stayed healthy, happy, and hydrated. With zero complaints and a head full of memorable moments, all I can say is that I will definitely be returning to HARD Summer Music Festival 2022.

See ya’ll on the next dance floor 🙂



Photo Credit: SAM O’SHAY for The Festival Voice