How To Camp In Style!

Recently, a post went viral on social media about why people don’t like camping at festivals. I mean, I’m sure you saw it! Here is it again just for reference.

First off, you do you! If you would rather get a hotel, feel free. If you would rather camp, by all means, you do you, boo boo. However, camping doesn’t have to be bad. There are so many things that can enhance your camping experience. We’re here to share some of our favorites with you! And no, you shouldn’t be waking up soaking wet if you’ve got a good tent.

*Please note, these are affiliate links. If you purchase from these, we do earn a small percentage. We use that to keep the website up and running and to pay our team members. We do love all of the products listed!

Collapsible Wagon

Some festivals let you camp with your car and others have you park and walk. If you need to walk, you NEED a collapsible wagon. Get one HERE.


Let me be real here, you NEED good stakes. You MUST invest in good stakes. The ones that usually come with the tents are junk and break. Check out these unbreakable stakes!

And to get the stakes out, use this tool!


These are game changers! They are stakes that light up! I wrote an article a while back and shared more about these. They are great! Get them HERE.

Bed Pad

I LOVE these little rolling pads! They’re so comfortable and they roll up so tiny. I think these are great! Get them HERE.

Shower Tent

This was referenced in the post above- because yes, $10 showers suck. But these showers are great! We use the tent for more than just showers, we use them for changing too. I put two different showers here- one on the cheaper side if you’re just thinking of trying showers out and one that’s a little more durable. Then, we use this pump and a collapsible bucket and the shower is perfect! Want warm water? You probably already have a stove- we just boil some water and mix it with the cold water. Seriously, best investment ever. We have saved so much money on showers- our whole crew showers!

Scrubz Wipes

I haven’t personally tried this- but I’ve heard amazing things about these wipes! Check out Scrubz Wipes, where you don’t need ANY water to rinse yourself but get clean! I am going to try them soon.


Sure, you can buy a cheap canopy at your local store. But let me tell you this, you get what you pay for. I used to buy the cheapest ones and they really wouldn’t last more than a year or two if I got lucky. A few years back, I invested in a good canopy and it hasn’t broken! Check it out!

There are tons more products we love here at TFV and we’ll be sharing more over the next few weeks! Check out how to camp in style!