Eats Everything ‘Bayside’ Remix Hits Hard

Eats Everything


If you haven’t heard of Eats Everything, I highly suggest you hop on that train because it is smooth sailing all the way. Daniel Pearce is an English D.J. and record producer who came to the precipice in 2011 with his ‘Entrance Song’ on Pets Recording. Also, that track is fantastic, and you should give it a listen when you can! Eats Everything knows how to get down and dirty with his new remix of OBSKÜR’s ‘Bayside.’



OBSKÜR’s original track ‘Bayside’ features a vocal sample from A.D.O.R.’s ‘One For The Trouble’ and is accompanied by beautiful tunes with 909 drum machines and synths that give house music a whole new meaning. The underground is truly alive with Everything poured into this track, and it doesn’t stop there. This track has been a treat to review! Be sure to put on some headphones, sit back and relax with Eats Everything’ Bayside’ remix here!




The Feeling


The track itself truly takes you back to the dance floor, and you can’t help but reminisce on the good ole days. I call it an underground oasis of sounds that feel like colors on a brisk summer morning. I know that sounds crazy, but it’s the only way to describe the mood that song puts me in.