KAS: ST Comes Out With ‘VTOPIA’


KAS: ST A Journey Into The Unknown


Hey everyone! Super excited to be doing this review, this next song is performed by KAS: ST! A journey into the unknown and a deep dive into Parisian live act duo and DJ announce their second album ‘A MAGIC WORLD.’ Set for release on December 11th via Afterlife Recordings, the first single has a music video that accompanies ‘VTOPIA’ is out and better than ever. If you haven’t heard this life-changing tune, you can do so here.




Carol and Manuel, close friends, better known as KAS: ST, have taken their hard work and dedication and let it spew over into their creative space with this track! Over six months, it was here that the journey for their new studio album began to emerge. ‘VTOPIA’ is a self-directed, cinematic video that pushes you to dive into the outer workings of your mind. The metaphorical commentary on our present times was filmed between Paris and Barcelona and strikes your eye. The video, centered in a dark reality that makes you sit down and reflect on modern society. The tune draws you in, and the beat makes your heart race in the wonder of existence as the dark undertone keeps you suspended in visual form.




It explores ambient electronic sounds, techno, rap, classical music, and pop KAS: ST does it all! The multi-genre masterpiece duo welcomes their fourth-coming album that is a vision of sound of darker tones. “Our upcoming album is a much broader, artistic exploration for us and one which we feel demonstrates our many different musical influences. ‘A MAGIC WORLD’ is our vehicle to showcase a blend of electronic, rap, pop and classical influences, all the whilst remaining true to the sounds of techno.” – KAS: ST



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