I Am

The mysterious duo PRAANA has appeared as one of Colorize’s most exciting new acts. They follow up previous LEVV collaboration “Mirrors” with the brand new single “I Am” – an exciting release that continues to show how PRAANA is taking over the world of house music in waves, day by day. This track is undeniably a hit of the new decade, even reaching the big man himself (Armin.)


I Am

“I am” received its debut play on Armin Van Buuren’s ‘A State of Trance’ last week, with the DJ selecting the track as his Progressive Pick for that week. With the release of “I Am,” PRAANA continues to create a meaningful and different path in electronic music. The duo anchors their value and their music in spiritual practices and Buddhist-like teaching, which emanates through their music and social media presence. This track hits deep and takes over your soul, the sound will slow you down and make you remember what you are and that your past doesn’t define who you are at this moment. The song suspends you almost for a moment, breathing in air and hearing LEVV’s vocals will set you back and take control.





“I want to make pop music that creates space for people and to feel both grief and exhilaration,” says Nashville singer and songwriter Audrey Assad. Pain is the quickest way to a deeper level of consciousness,” adds musician and producer Seth Jones. Audrey and Seth are the pop duo LEVV and together they dedicate their careers to helping others dance through life’s pains by giving voice and rhythmic beats of their own. They compliment each other and lift each other from what I’ve heard. The gratitude and humbleness of the two speaks to me on a sincere level and makes me feel as if there’s more to music than what meets the eye.





PRAANA has been described as one of the “best classic progressive I’ve heard in the last couple of years…” by a YouTuber. The sound is unique and almost gives Armin a run for his money. The slow and undeniable house sound is untouchable and hits on a deeper level. I can’t express how much the lyrics and beat lifts me and takes me away, LEVV and PRAANA are a masterpiece as one. I genuinely hope they all continue to progress and keep up with what they have going on. For they will go far. If you haven’t yet checked out the new hit, please feel free to check out the link below!


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I Am