Jackalope Freedom Festival Is The Place To Be!

A Place Unlike Any Other

Continuing throughout this week, the Jackalope Freedom Festival is bringing people together in the Arizona forest where it is free to camp, vend, and attend. The festival is happening throughout the first two weeks in August near Forest Lakes in Baca Meadows. Setting itself apart from your average festival, Jackalope provides a space to freely express the things that are truly important. Friendship, inclusivity, prosperity, expression, and activism are poking up around every corner. For these two weeks, people from all over join together to camp alongside one another and share in the creation of a world unlike any other. With various attendees bringing their skills to share and new experiences to delve into, the Jackalope Freedom Festival is a moment to step away from the hustle of everyday life and into a world that seems to be the way things should have been all along.

Workshops And Key Note Campers

While Jackalope is focused on creating a safe space for comfort and expression, it also brings with it some great opportunities for growth and experience. Luis Fernando Mises from Dallas is hosting a ‘Freedom through Breathwork workshop’. He is the founder at Emancipated Human and will be bringing all of his practices and knowledge to share with festival-goers. There will also be a silence, solitude, and fasting retreat held by Sloan to facilitate inner healing, connection and growth. She is an aorist mental health counseling consultant behind Restore and Empower CCS. Along with these two fantastic workshops, Alma Sommer, Larken Rose, Tina Marie, Haji, and many more Key Note Campers can be found sharing their unique knowledge and ways of life!


Music And More

Along with these awesome people to interact with, there are also two music artists to see along with various renegade sounds. One of them is Prezence, a reggae band that focuses on spreading truth, freedom, and love through their music. The other is SoBelow, a band from Houston Texas sharing their down-to-earth tones with us all.  Between the music, expression, and connection found at Jackalope, a new experience can be found around every corner. Furthermore, with this festival being free and welcoming, there is no reason not to join in on the fun! Keep up with the updates on their Facebook page because this is one event you don’t want to miss.

Photo Credit: https://jackalopefreedomfestival.com/