Kosmic Kingdom is Back And Better Than Ever

Kosmic Kingdom is back! Get ready to head back to medieval times with this awesome festival! If you are looking for a small, close-knit festival, this is your best bet! One of my favorite parts about Kosmic Kingdom is the small community that thrives! I’m personally from Iowa, so it is great to see all the people that I know at this festival! The festival will be back on August 27th and 28th in Des Moines, Iowa. (Don’t forget to take our survey on safety precautions at festivals!)

From the sounds of it, the lineup will be similar to last year, although KK mentioned that Space Jesus has been removed from the lineup due to the allegations surrounding him. Here’s the 2020 lineup for you!



According to their 2020 guidelines,

(which will probably be similar), here are the safety protocols in place at Kosmic Kingdom. I copied these directly from their website. This is one festival that has TONS of space, so this would be a festival you should consider attending if you are worried about not having space to dance. It will be easy to social distance at this one! 

o Protect Attendees

  • Conduct temperature checks at the box office check-in as well as the festival entry each time an attendee goes into the grounds

  • Require attendees and staff to wear face coverings or masks during the check-in processes at the box office, while waiting in all security entry lines and inside the festival grounds at all times

  • Provide surgical masks to attendees who do not provide their own

  • Require all staff to wear gloves and face coverings or masks at all times

  • Modify flow of people traffic as much as possible to minimize contacts in lines, entry, and exit places

  • Encourage 6-foot distancing at all times during the festival

  • Post signage throughout the camping and festival grounds reminding attendees to wear masks and encourage coughing and sneezing etiquette, hand hygiene, and 6-foot distancing

  • Increased hand washing and sanitizer stations throughout the campgrounds and festival grounds

  • Bathrooms and portable restrooms will be cleaned twice as much as in previous years and will also be closely monitored and sanitized by the safety team. We will also be increasing the amount of portable restrooms on-site by 50%.

  • Require that all campsites (including combined campsites with multiple tents) must be stationed 20 feet from the next camping group

  • All Food & Beverage services will follow COVID-19 guidelines from Iowa State and County Health Departments


Ready to grab those tickets? Here’s the info! Don’t forget to take our survey on safety precautions at festivals!