Let’s Get Funky With The FunkBox!

Are you ready for the funk? If so, get ready for FunkBox from Nicky Roland! Nicky Roland comes from Chicago and he sure brought the funk with this one. If you’re into groovy types of music, this one is your thing! FunkMachine gets its name from the seminal drum machine that led so many people to recognize Sly Stone and his album, There’s a Riot Goin On. There’s a crazy bassline that takes inspiration from Bootsy Collins and a small bit of Daft Punk. In addition, Nicky even takes the lead and dazzles us with his own vocals, making this a powerhouse single! The track was released this past August on the exclusive DJ International Records. Check it out here!


Nicky has had some huge career milestones lately, such as releasing on the Jackmaster 7 Compilation with the hit track I Lose Myself. The track was a hit, ranking second on the album, following only Loleatta Holloway. This is all in addition to his other recent track, Feel-It, which also featured Nicky’s supreme vocals. It’s always something special when an artist does both the mixing and the vocals!

Check out FunkBox now! Also, we recently published an interview with Nicky talking about his past and you can check out all those details here! There is more to come from Nicky soon- keep your eyes peeled on The Festival Voice for more news on Nicky Roland!

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