Level Up Your Parties with PartyMate!

PartyMate is Creating A Whole New Party Planning Experience 

The name says it all: PartyMate. This exciting new app is essential for music lovers and promoters. The app brings together listings of all the very best events in any specified area in one slick, easy-to-use app that is available now at https://partymate.party/getApp.
PartyMate is a social platform and calendar that lists all the best parties bars and clubs wherever users are in the world. This is something I have always dreamed of finding! It could be their hometown, or it could be somewhere they are heading on vacation so they can easily make plans for the trip of a lifetime. Where has this been all my life? Level up your experience by seeing what your friends are doing. Then, plan the party in style with a map, calendar, Instagram integration, and communication with friends. The only downside of this app is that I’ve been dreaming of this for years and I didn’t create it! 

Says PartyMate CEO Niklas von Weihe

“PartyMate is here to revolutionize the party experience. It gives users a brand new App for their personal nightlife and gives them the chance to see what friends are up to. Promoters and hosts also gain an all-in-one platform for precise event marketing, AI-backed analytics, VIP services and many more. It is a simple, easy-to-use solution to many nightlife issues, right int the palm of your hand.”
PartyMate is building a large user base separate from Facebook and targeted at Gen Z and millennials looking for something new. The specialist platform has targeted ads for visits, returning customers, VIPs, and groups. I can totally see how this can work!
PartyMate Business is a vital set of eyes on the key data points every promoter needs. It offers an easy COVID check-in feature, digitalization features, allows content to be imported from Facebook and various marketing tools. You can also utilizie special check-in areas that take you to a custom-designed space with exclusive content and line-ups, real-time and historical analytics for reviewing event performance and rebooking of artists, a real-time count of people inside a venue, bump times, crowd demographics and will soon offer CRM possibilities on a clean and simple interface. Talk about some slick tools!
Forthcoming new features include easy order label service options, location maps, a guestlist and VIP tool, ticketing options, and the ability for special partners to have their own unique, fully-branded white label designs. The app has already partnered with MS Dockville, Lunatic Festival, Speedway Music Festival, and many more in the works. Not only is this app user friendly- but it is promoter friendly too!
PartyMate is a crucial new app that will make planning a night out easier than ever, and offer business users a whole new set of analytics and tools that will make their job that much simpler.