From unique stages featuring breakout artists alongside world famous headliners such as GriZ and Glass Animals, to the roster of learning experiences inviting you to step out of your comfort zone, everything at this one-of-a-kind music festival is created to push the boundaries of reality and what is possible. Discover the magic of Lightning in a Bottle Memorial Day Weekend 2022!

Lightning in a Bottle hosts an array of learning and culture programming that aligns with the core principles of the festival – creating space for connection, expression, and community. Expand your knowledge with highlighted talks and discussions with Regenerating Soil with Microbes, Cryptocurrency: The Ownership Economy, Queering the Liminal, Technology of Prayer, Fire Adapted Communities: Building A Wildfire Resilient Future, Transforming Fulfilling Prophecies into Love, and Resilience of Chamorro Food (just to name a few). 

Dive deeper into your subconscious mind with key innovative workshops that will include Art of Benevolent Leadership in Ritual Community, Psychedelic JEDI Training, Hope in the Anthropocene, Ceremonial Chants & Medicine Music, Remote Viewing for Psychic Development, and No Means No – How to (Not) Talk to Cops.

Empowering through demonstrations and our sense of taste, Learning Kitchen returns as LIB’s culinary hub with programs such as Regenerative Soil Practices & Juice with Vive Organic, Praise Cheezus: Elevated Nut Cheese with Chef Perla & Elevation Eating, Slow Food & Sourdough Pizza with Zach + Kayla of Beloved’s Bread, Green Keto: Bye Bye Sugar Cravings with Katelyn Louise of Pure Joy Planet, and Curry Deconstructed: Ayurveda & Spices with Cristina Urioste & Rasa Foods.

Lightning in a Bottle has also partnered with organizations that continue to emphasize the idea of worldwide connection with mind, body, and soul. These partners include Buckminster Fuller Institute, Academy of Oracle Arts, Ecological Renewal Alliance, Fungi Foundation, Ritual Community, Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), and Life-Force Academy. 

Lightning in a Bottle defies the typical definition of a music festival by holding participation at its core. It’s a place where lifelong friendships, relationships, and memories are forged, a temporary home where excitement, fun, and surprises wait around every corner. It’s this type of immersive and interactive educational and cause-driven programming that helps to foster the sense of community that truly makes LIB an experience like no other.

Tickets to LIB are on sale now via their website. Shipping starts in April so grab them while you can to avoid will-call pickup!