LIB 2019

LIB 2019- A walk through the magic

LIB brings music to the soul, love to the heart and knowledge to the mind. For the week of May 8-13, the Buena Vista Lake was transformed into the Lightning in a Bottle festival in Bakersfield, California. There to capture every moment, our team joined in to explore the expanse of workshops, live music, talks…

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Lightning in a Bottle 2019 Is Bringing The Vibes!

Lightning in a Bottle- an Explosive lineup for 2019! As the sun rises, warming the earth, a community of visionary souls curate a transformative experience unlike any other. Lightning in a Bottle 2019 will take place from May 8th to May 13th in Kern County, California. Like many years before, the team at LiB is…

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Gloving: Art Form Or Criminal Act?

  Gloving has been banned at all Insomniac events and most other major EDM festivals including¬†HARD, Mad Decent, and Ultra. Light up gloves have also been prohibited by many different venues from clubs to local venues and even the infamous Red Rocks Amphitheater. As a glover, I constantly get asked why gloves are not allowed…

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