My Top 3 Artists For LIB This Weekend

I am finally packing up the back of my car with all my camping gear and getting ready to head down to Buena Vista Lake this weekend for Lightning in a Bottle. It’s been three years since the last one and I can’t wait to feel those DoLab vibes again surrounded by beautiful people and music. I’ve been listening to my LIB playlist all week to get hype and thought I’d share some of my top artists you can’t miss this weekend.
1. GRiZGRiZ's Guide to the Best Emerging Producers in Electronic Music - - The Latest Electronic Dance Music News, Reviews & Artists
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Ok so I was really going to try not to add any headliners to this list but I could never leave G-man hanging like that. GRiZ is basically my lord and savior so, of course, he comes first for me. I’ve probably seen Griz live upwards to 30 times and it’s always a funking party, yes a FUNKing party. He throws down some crazy beats and plays the saxophone like no one’s business. If you miss Griz’s set, you are not doing your weekend correctly. He is closing out the festival on Sunday night and it’s just going to be the cherry on top.
2. Big WildBig Wild – Artists
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I love me some Big Wild, truly I love anyone that comes from Foreign Family. And if we’re being honest, any artist signed to Odesza’s label can do no wrong. Big Wild has always been an icon in the industry to me, but these past couple of years he has really made a name for himself after having a few songs go viral on TikTok. His music sounds like a road trip with your best friend down the PCH. Windows down, waves crashing, he sets the soundtrack to life’s beautiful moments.
3. Monolinklib
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I’m ashamed to say I didn’t become familiar with Monolink until recently. It was actually my LIB squad who got me hyped on him. The group chat would not stop talking about how excited they were for the Berlin-based ambient techno producer. I tuned in immediately and have been hooked ever since. I’m not even much of a techno gal myself but there is something so soothing and spiritual about his sound. Lucky for us LIBers, there will be not one, but two Monolink sets this weekend.
Friendly reminder, it’s going to be a hot one guys!!! The weather forecast says it will be in the triple digits for half the weekend so please come prepared with lots of water and don’t be shy to sit in the shade. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Luckily LIB is one of the few festivals hosted on a lake so throw on your bathing suit and take a dip whenever.
I can’t wait to see you all out there and boogie together, it’s going to be a magical weekend. For more info on the festival schedule, arrival guide, directions, last-minute passes, festival maps, and more, head to