Life Is Beautiful Makes Waves With Impressive Lineup

Life Is Beautiful


Hey everyone, so this next festival will have you jumping for joy because omg that lineup! Life Is Beautiful is making its way back!

Doing Their Part


Speaking of safety I went on to the Life Is Beautiful website and it seems they’re taking safety measures as well. The staff is taking precautions to COVID-19 which is respectable so we’ll see how this goes! In the meantime do what you got to do! Founded in 2013 the three-day festival is set in Downtown Las Vegas in the years since the founding over $350 million in economic impact and cultural capital have flooded into Downtown Las Vegas and the surrounding area! How cool is that?


That Lineup Though


Taking a look at their website and seeing what they’re about is not only wholesome but seeing the interactive experience is unforgettable. You should peep it! Okay, okay, hearing about the way things are set up is one thing but you know what we’re all here for. THAT LINEUP! Headlining the fest are some well-renowned people like Billie Eilsh, Green Day, and Tame Impala. Okay if that wasn’t enough to get your attention I don’t know what will. We have Megan Thee Stallion, Illenium, Young Thug, and Glass Animals, Dillon Francis, and Gorgon City! There are tons of fun artists but of course, I need to shine the spotlight on my king, Ashnikko! The one, the only, girl for me is going to be there and I think I might snag a ticket for that reason alone! Seriously if you haven’t checked her out or know what she’s about see my last article about her and listen to her on Spotify!


See You There


I can’t wait to see everyone again and get back out there and dance with all of you beautiful people! Hopefully, things can return to normal and we can all live semi-normal lives again. Until then, stay safe and live the life you have! You can purchase tickets here and check out the lineup below!


LIB Lineup