Magic in the Sky: A Festival Voice Experience

Setting up and working on a show is a new experience for me. For the entirety of my festival experiences, I’ve always been the guest, not the host. So when I volunteered to help out with Magic in the Sky, I didn’t know exactly what to expect. Luckily, I worked with some amazing people, and Magic in the Sky was a magical event.

So what is Magic in the Sky?

The event is a pre and post-party show for the Illenium Trilogy show in Las Vegas. It was hosted by the company I work for, The Festival Voice, and is our first ever show that we hosted. Magic in the Sky was only blocks away from Allegiant Stadium so guests could walk straight to/from the festival. The pre-party went until right before the Trilogy show started and the post-party started right after the show and went until 8 am. Each party had at least 4 live DJs play throughout the day and night in an air-conditioned building (a need in Vegas), an open bar, a food truck, a booth for Creative Paradigm Pins, and one for Festival Voice, where I was mostly working at.

I will say the music was bumping and indoor spaces were a nice place to relax and cool down before Illenium started.

I passed out water and different Festival Voice merchandise to anyone that came by. After closing down, I headed to the main show.

The after-party was an entirely different story for me. When I got to the venue from the show, there was already a huge line to get in. Everyone was on a post-rave high and looking for a place to continue the party. We had the perfect place for it. For the next 5 hours, we partied it out. Make it Bump, Nytrix, and Hollows all killed. I had moments that will stick with me for quite some time. Whether it’s Make It Bump doing Feel Something/Linkin Park mixup, or Hollow playing a lot of emo rock (which I listened to religiously in high school) I had just about as much fun at the after-party as I did the main event.

This was such a fun and unique event that I cannot wait to do another show for Festival Voice. With there being over 350 people at this event, there will be more soon, you can count on it.