‘Makes Me Wonder’ is Tricky’s Latest Hit


Get ready for a beautiful track with gorgeous vocals. Tricky just released the beautiful and intimate video for the song ‘Makes Me Wonder.’ The delicate and reflective song features his mesmerizing touring vocalist Marta, from Poland. The ‘Test of Time’ compilation was released earlier this year on the False Idols label. The song is taken directly from that compilation. In this video, you see Marta in the streets of Łódź in Poland, after dark. Mateusz Miszczyński, a Polish director, shot the gorgeous scene. As a result, the video takes place in an industrial setting.

The new song ‘Makes Me Wonder‘ is Tricky’s first new music since 2017’s critically acclaimed track, ‘Ununiform’. For instance, the ‘Test of Time’ compilation was the original home for the track. The sixteen tracks featured showcase Tricky’s A&R expertise. The vision for the label is unique.  It allows a platform and a context for unheard artists who span multiple diverse genres to effortlessly come together. As a result, the album collection is a unique and compelling mix. Talk about a great idea!

All About Tricky

Following his previous releases, Tricky released a highly landed Autobiography and played many select shows at the Royal Festival Hall and Concorde in Brighton. Once again, Tricky shows his talent with the release of this video for ‘Makes Me Wonder.’ Tricky has had a fantastic standout year during the year 2019. He released his long-awaited autobiography ‘Hell is Round The Corner’ through Blink Publishing. As a result, he is working to grow the artist base of False Idols. He is dedicated to expanding the False Idols label in 2020. Tricky is one artist you’ll want to keep your eyes on.

Watch the breathtaking music video here and listen to the full ‘Test of Time’ compilation here.

Buy Tricky’s autobiography ‘Hell is Round The Corner’ here.

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