Mandala Festival: A Beautiful Getaway

What: Mandala Festival in Wanroij, Netherlands

When: June 27th – June 30th

Are you ready to escape into a place of the unknown? A place where tribes come together to celebrate their culture? Somewhere where you can decide to get lost in the forest or sunbathe on the beach?

Get Lost At Mandala Festival

It’s time to enter Mandala Festival.

Introducing Mandala festival, a family friendly festival that showcases talent from all over the world. Whether it be musicians, DJs, artists, etc… everyone will find their place here. The festival is more of an indie/folk vibe with some house/trance mixed in! There is reggae and hip hop as well. Mandala features international artists such as Juiceboxxx (USA), Baba Stiltz (Sweden), or Vive La Fête (Belgium). Of course the festival also features incredible artists from the Netherlands too! Some incredible artists to check out are The Magic Mumble Jumble, Interstellar Funk, and Melon (one of my absolute favorites!). Besides music, there will be workshops all over – featuring dance, yoga, meditation, and so much more!

How did this festival begin?

Mandala is an Extrema festivals production and has a very interesting story as to how it began. The daughter of the creator of Extrema festivals drew a picture of a potential festival and told her dad she wanted to create a place where anyone and everyone was welcome. All ages, all ethnicities, anyone. Her father soon turned his daughters’ picture into a reality. Now Mandala exists as an incredibly inclusive, cozy, family festival.

At Mandala festival, both camping and the festival are one so you can set up your tent where ever you’d like! Get near a stage you want to listen to all day or camp out near the food booths! More info on camping and accommodation can be found here. Because Mandala is a family friendly festival, they offer a kids hostel and camping grounds specifically for families!

In my opinion, one of the coolest parts of Mandala is the ‘tribes’. Different artists or groups of people come together to decorate and display an area of the festival. You can find a reggae scene closer to the beach, more house type music in the dark forest, and so much more! Here you can find a tribe map which is updated regularly and can inform you on the different tribes that will be featured at Mandala this year! You can also check their instagram for sneak peaks of the tribes you’ll see at the festival.

Get Your Tickets Now!

Tickets are on sale now! The price ranges by age (0-4), (5-17), (18+), and you can purchase day passes or full weekend passes. A weekend pass for 18+ is 90€ and that is the most expensive ticket. You can click here to check out the different tickets and prices! With a full weekend pass, you are allowed to bring a bag of food in too. In case you’re wondering how you’ll get to Mandala, you can click here if you’re from the Netherlands or click here if you want to travel to Mandala from out of the country!

I hope you have a beautiful weekend at Mandala and I’m excited to see you there!