Collective Energy Reading for Electric Forest

Electric Forest is a place of love, growth, connections, and discovering who we are. It is important to know that energy is all around us guiding us and protecting us and helping us find our true path. The forest is the best place to reconnect with nature and the one ness that connects us all. Remember this year to thank the trees and the elements that surround us, ground us, and keep us safe.

What is a collective energy tarot reading & how do you do it? I myself am a reiki level 2 practitioner. When I pull the cards I call In my ancestors, angels, and sprit guides. I ask them what is the collective energy of all involved at electric forest. Please spirit (universe) I ask that you show me the cards for the overall collective energy at electric forest. as I shuffle the cards, they fall out on there own representing the energy and guidance we need for the forest.

what is this stone sodalite? Sodalite is blue stone that is connected with the third eye chakra. The third eye is our knowledge of our intuition. it counsels us to trust our gut in any situation. Sodalite is an excellent supporter of intuitive insights and visions.

Sodalite: socialize or join in ” Make healthy and supportive new frienships and connections by getting involved with a group of like minded people” This card comes up in a reading whenever we are craving connecting with like minded people. It is a sign to get out of your house and engage with others face to face. Sometimes we get so caught up in social media like facebook and Instagram we forget how to connect with actual people face to face. this is so important! This card states it is an important time to surround yourself with loving people who will hold your hand, hug you, and offer you support and friendship. This card is also all about learning from others and  receiving teachings from others. You never know what you’ll learn from a friend or a total stranger.

Also for those of you starting a business or networking to do so, this is a card confirming that electric forest is a great place to do so. At this festival people gather from all over the world, so this is the perfect place to talk to others about your ideas and creations! A great place to network is also the giving tree. Electric forest has a tree and each year people leave gifts to  trade. I have seen everything at this tree from socks to condoms to beautiful paintings. All is welcome at the giving tree as long as it is not offensive or degrading or harmful to others.

Animals are a great guide for us especially in the forest. They say each of us has an animal guide and sprit within them. The first animal card I pulled was vulture spirit. ” nothing is wasted” vultures spirit message is that nothing is to be wasted, for nature sees value in everything that exists. What seems rotten has the power to be turned into something beautiful and you are now being reminded that any suffering you have experienced has not gone to waste. This card comes to us as a reminder that we are not our mistakes. That our past no longer has a dark hold over us. Many of us continue to judge ourselves for our past mistakes and this card comes to us to be the gentle reminder that their is purpose and forgiveness for these mistakes. Know that anything you may have done or has been done to you is now over. That you have leaned a lesson from these mistakes and it is time to look at your present and future instead of your past. Do you sometimes wish you could run from your past ? not any more vulture counsels. Let the pain, shame, and anger move through you and soon your emotions will transform. Let this old energy flow out and through you so that you can create more space for happiness in your future. A new beginning awaits you. let it begin.

The second animal card I pulled was the Stag ” take the lead” This card is a leader card. At some point this weekend this card councils you will have to take a leadership role. Whether that be for yourself or others in your group. If you are scared or worried you will not be a good leader this card counsel to have faith in yourself. Stag spirit counsel this is a time to heed their call to be sure, strong, and compassionate. (by their I refer to your spirit guides) Walk with the confidence you have inside of you for others will see this strength and look to you for guidance. Stay humble, and walk in your truth for this is how a wise leader leads. Know that spirit is supporting you each step of the way. Know that the universe has put you in the space and place you need to be this weekend to help others and yourself. You have a purpose and spirit will not leave you.


The first card that came up was Cave “sanctuary” this card comes to us as a reminder that Electric Forest for many of us is our sanctuary. This card counsels that we take some time out of our days at the festival to reconnect with nature. To find that place that is complete peace. There is a place in each and everyone one of us that is this same peace. This card comes to us to remind us that peace is available to us at all times. In a hectic world we get caught up in drama and the fast pace life this is our chance to slow down . Listen to the birds, hug a tree, connects with others, ground ourselves in the soil, and reconnect with mother earth and our self.

The other card that fell out of the deck was Dawn ” new beginnings”.  As each day begins the moon sets and the sun rises.  We are being reminded this weekend, just as the days begin and end so do chapters in our lives. This card wants you to know it is ok to let go of painful attachments and rituals that no longer serve your life, this includes people. Sometimes those who we thought were good for us don’t always have our best intentions in mind.  If we don’t shed our old burdens, loss, heart breaks how will we make room for beautiful things to come into out life. Stop resisting the truth that you know and accept it as it is. Your intuition has been telling you to let it go. let go of the pain that still lingers in your mind, body, and soul and give it to the forest to recycle into something much better aligned with your life and purpose.


The first card I pulled was for the energy that is working in our favor at electric forest. The card is the 7 of pentacles. This is a card of visions and rewards. It counsels us to stay on the path we have chosen and to be true to who you are. By being your authentic truth this weekend you will meet like minded people who will support you and your dreams. Use this weekend to manifest what you want to put out into the world to better yourself and the planet.

The second card that came out of this deck was the 4 of swords. This card represents recovery, relaxation, and healing. This card comes to us to inform us that electric forest is an escape from our normal crazy lives. If there is a situation at home that is bothering you, this weekend is the time to seperate from this issue. Its time to give yourself a break and relax and find your inner peace and joy once again. This represents that life has been a challenge lately and its time to let it go. engage in playful activites , connect to stangers, and open your heart to healing. Rest while you can because you will need this energy when you go back into the real world. That when you are refreshed and enter the real world again you will have clarity about the situation you have been thinking or worrying about . Let it rest and know spirit will help you find the awnsers you are looking for.

Overall: This weekend at Electric Forest is going to be one of unity. In this crazy hectic world we live in this is our escape. A place where like minded people full of light and love gather to meet one another and reunite in dancing and harmony. Lets use this love we share this weekend to fuel our hearts and lives to spread this light into the world. Use this weekend to reconnect with our source ( nature) and get back to the things that make us human like interacting with each other face to face. Take time alone this weekend to calm your mind and reconnect to that bright soul that lives in each and everyone of us. Let go and forgive yourself from past mistakes either you have made or others have done to you. Know that you are not your past and let it go. Let Electric Forest recycle that energy you no longer want and cleanse yourself from the pain that lives inside of you. Let your self feel the warm positivity energy and know at electric forest you will always have a home. A new life awaits for you after this weekend. Now the greatest question is .. what will you do with your new set of wings?

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love and light to you all and happy forest!