#MeToo? Not in Orlando.

I’m talking about Tekashi 6ix9ine.

Despite the ever-growing cloud of federal crime and drama that continues to surround 6ix9ine, who’s real name is Daniel Hernandez, the rapper continues to book shows in Central Florida. 

But why?

Take a brief look at his shady history and you’ll uncover a laundry list of pending charges and cases against him. We can begin at the controversy that started it all: 6ix9ine pleaded guilty to the use of a child in a sexual performance on October 20, 2015. This incident alone should have seen him blacklisted forever and thrown into federal prison. If you don’t know the details of the case, I suggest you read up

This past summer he made national headlines again. This time? For choking out a 16-year old boy and assaulting a cop. Tekashi now is awaiting news that he may go to prison for 3 years

And yet, CFE Arena, which is on the grounds of the University of Central Florida, STILL has his tour tickets available for purchase on their website. 

So the question is why?

Why does the population of Central Florida, UCF, and CFE Arena, still welcome this convicted child rapist? After all this horrible publicity, multiple charges filed against him, and pending his prison sentencing, why does Orlando seem intent on bringing THIS guy back?

We don’t care.

So long as the sensationalism surrounds 6ix9ine and he pops out a banger every now and then, we can overlook his predatory nature. So long as we can bop our heads to his tunes and make a few bucks, we can turn a blind eye to the violence and aggression he displays towards young members of our society. Despite his disdain for authority and the dark negative drama that surrounds his life, we welcome his presence in “The City Beautiful”.

And now “The City Beautiful” is starting to look pretty ugly.

Currently there is a petition going around on the internet to get this show canceled. You can find that petition HERE. The petition also contains information to contact the arena. 

There are so many beautiful, talented, and respectable artists in the world. And these artists, the ones who respect women, who respect children, and respect the law – they are the ones who deserve to take the big stage and share their talent with the world. There are even artists with shady pasts and dealings that have overcome their struggle and cleaned up their act! I totally believe in redemption and second chances – but 6ix9ine does not deserve this forgiveness. Not yet anyway. 

If you are thinking of going to the show on September 22nd I implore you to rethink your decisions and spend your hard-earned money on an artist that deserves it. If you have a voice and you have the time, perhaps even join protests that are organizing around the event because #MeToo is here to stay. Just not in Orlando.


Cover photo provided courtesy of The Source