My Never Ending Favorites Of EDM

When trying to narrow down what my favorite EDM genre is, it’s practically impossible. I mean how are you even supposed to decide when there are so many good artists and songs in each genre? So many favorites! Throughout my years of listening to EDM, my love for each genre has fluctuated and changed. I started only listening strictly to artists like Flume, and Odesza- which I still absolutely love, but then that evolved into loving artists like Illenium and Slander, which then evolved into artists like Subtronics, Excision, LSDREAM, and Griz, and from there artists like Benda and Samplifire. I guess what I’m trying to say is, I can’t just pick one. Some days I want to be a melodic dubstep princess, and other days, a little riddim gremlin LOL. Can anyone else relate?!

I will say- I am thankful for this ability of mine to love and appreciate practically all genres of EDM and be able to vibe and bop around to anything. One weekend I can be shufflin’ with my friends at a house festival, and the next headbanging my life away. My taste in music has expanded because I used to hate genres like techno and riddim, but now those are two genres I love! Through every show and festival I go to, I always have new experiences that open my eyes to how good music can be, and to the different genres within it- even when I think I don’t like it. For example, I used to never listen to riddim but after going to Lost Lands this year and getting to see so many amazing riddim artists, I have found a new love for it!

Me during a pre-party set in the Village Marketplace from this past Lost Lands 2023

How beautiful is it that our taste in things such as music can always be changing and expanding? My eyes have been opened to so many different artists and songs and I’m so thankful that I get to have new experiences each time I go to a show or festival. I will say though if I had to choose my top three favorite artists of all time, it would be LSDREAM, GRiZ, and Subtronics- but who knows, that could change at any time!

I’m so thankful for EDM and the euphoria that it’s brought to my life. I can’t wait for the many more experiences to be had and for all the artists and genres I’ll keep adding into my- what seems to be a never-ending- “favorites” category.