Phoenix Lights 2018 Review: The Invasion

When you think of Phoenix, Arizona, the first thought that seems to come to mind for most is large Seguaro cacti, palm trees, and desert; complete with sand and intense heat. What came to mind for myself was the stacked lineup at this years renowned Phoenix Lights Festival and all the good experiences I was going to have over the bass filled weekend. My friends I could not wait.

Upon arrival to Phoenix Lights I was very pleased before we even made it all the way inside to the fun.  The organization to gt inside was very well organized and efficient.  Got in within minutes, which matters because the heat was cranked up to about 95 degrees Fahrenheit.  Once through the shenanigans up front, you walk to all the things you’ll need right away: water station, credit card registry, med tent, The Ranger Outpost, several food options, and festival vendors!  The VIP area was also very close and was easy to find, equipped with very nice private bathrooms, eating area, full bar, and couches to watch two of the stages from, and a big elevated dance floor on either stage.  Then when you think all you’re going to be seeing is dirt, rocks and dust; you are so pleasantly greeted by The Mothership stage and gorgeous,soft, luscious grass.  People had already found their lounge spot with the unparalleled view of the Phoenix Mountains pressed against the crisp blue sky; and the best part, the enormous amount of bass coming from all directions as you soaked it all in.








Phoenix Lights had encompassed so many different amazing things that can be a part of your festival experience.  The lineup combination of Rap, House, Deep House, Dubstep, Trap, Funk and so much more, made for a night your ears will remember without boredom.  (If you want to see the full lineup, a picture will be posted at the bottom).  Phoenix Lights also made it very convenient to get from one stage to another.  Making it very easy to jump around and treat your ears to several types of sounds.  I danced and flowed to Martin Garrix and then went to get down and funky with Gramatik with ease.  I had so many choices across the board from the stellar sounds of eli & fur, heavy thrash of Bear Grillz, funktastic Goldfish, to the bump and grind of Travis Scott.






Phoenix Lights really put their heart and soul into this production because they love their fans and want to keep them coming back craving more.  They put some really nice touches onto the event with some of the unique structures they built on site to add to the whole them of The Phoenix Lights which I covered in my last article.  People were so fun to take photographs in and around these structures and the best part was that they were made to be climbed in or on by festival goers!

Day or night this was a beautiful festival, with a lot of punch and character.  I met people of all ages, backgrounds, places near and far that were there to do the same thing me and my crew were there to do, and that was and still is to live life!  Highly recommend any of the Relentless Beats events, I’ve been to several, but this was definitely my favorite one hands down!  I look forward to what next years Phoenix Lights brings to the table because it will be out of this world.

Last but not least, I want to give a very special shout out to the Rangers crew who always helps more than anyone knows at these events!! You guys are incredible, and you save lives at events like this when things get pretty crazy.  We appreciate you to the moon and back and I hope the rest of the festivals out there follow in your footsteps!  You are heroes and thanks for always keeping our best interests in mind!!

Rage on and stay safe!

Find you and your crew in the gallery below!  Thanks for being amazing to photograph!

Phoenix Lights Lineup 2018