Pluck Yourself a Beautiful Primrose


A new EP is out to delight you! Franky Rizardo announces the launch of his new label, LTF Records with four-track EP ‘Primrose’. The EP is truly the culmination of a number of years hard work. Finally, the Dutch DJ, producer, promoter and now label head proudly presents an outlet for his own music. How sick is that??

Encompassing an immersive feeling of energised focus, involvement, and enjoyment of his journey within the industry so far, LTF Records (Listen To Flow) is Franky Rizardo’s new platform to transport his listeners and followers into a flow state of mind. I don’t know about you, but I sure love to flow!


Who is Franky Rizardo?

One of The Netherlands’ finest exports, Franky Rizardo has long established himself as an international touring artist. In addition, Franky is a name well renowned within his own country. He is ever-present on Dutch national radio station, SLAM! This has provided him with the perfect platform to develop and nurture a label that is crafted with clear intentions and identity. His goal is to deliver uncompromising music based on his own experiences with the industry. He has built a career based on strong philosophies. Franky has consistently aimed to do his own thing, keep everything in perspective and most of all, have fun. Who doesn’t love to have fun?

Franky has ingrained himself within the ANTS and elrow camps. Additionally, he has released on labels such as Strictly Rhythm, Rejected, Saved and 8Bit. Franky has become a name synonymous with deep driving house music that blurs the lines between Techno and House. The multi-faceted Dutch artist has also represented himself and his brand FLOW, at events such as Tomorrowland, Fabric – London, Shelter – Amsterdam, Amnesia – Ibiza and Soho Garden Dubai. This further cements his status as one of electronic music’s most dynamic individuals.

The Primrose EP

Across four-tracks on the ‘Primrose’ EP, Franky focuses his energy firmly on the dancefloor, keeping people locked into his flow state. For example, opening with ‘Primrose’, the tracks low-end rumbles throughout. This supplies the perfect atmosphere to keep the crowd moving. ‘Faze’ offers a wonky blissed-out vocal alongside stabbing synth. Whereas ‘DC Terrace’ is a nod to the peak-time movements at Ibiza’s famous club, DC10. Closing the EP ‘Clouds’ provides an energized up-tempo focus track to engage to zone.

The label launches at time when authenticity within the industry is key. Franky continues to focus on his own output, never taking himself too seriously and always keeping full perspective on the task at hand. Inviting you to join him with LTF Records, Franky wants you to enter his flow state of mind.  

Franky Rizardo’s ‘Primrose’ EP is out now via LTF Records.


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