Last September was a big month for POPOF. He released his huge Dance Escape EP, which was a huge success. Now, the French techno producer is ready to share his latest release with you, Skylighter. This is out now on FORM Music.

This is the first full-length EP for 2021 to date! This four-part package includes melodic techno and three crazy remixes. Space 92, Animal & Me, and Andres Campo are responsible for these killer remixes. You’ll be grooving in the dark underground techno scene in no time at all. 


Alright, let’s kick off this EP with the Title Track, Skylighter! Right away, POPOF’s intentions are made clear. He begins with intricate percussion, warped basslines, and an expert vocal sample to build this brooding track. This six-and-a-half-minute track is truly mesmerizing and unique. This is the most melodic track on the release, which shows POPOF’s talents as a diverse producer. 

Next, we’ve got a killer remix! Space 92 is responsible for this one! Listeners crowned him as the #1 selling techno artist on Beatport in the year 2020. That’s quite an accomplishment! This is made solid with epic releases such as 1605, Filth on Acid, Codex, and don’t forget Perfekt Groove! This time, he joins FORM Music with his Meteor Remix.

Animal & Me is up next to bat. He provides a unique interpretation of Skylighter, with distorted samples with arpeggiated synths and thunderous basslines. Finally, the package closes up with Spanish techno stalwart Andres Campo. He offers up his intricately layered minimalist interpretation to close out another outstanding EP on FORM Music.


POPOF – Skylighter EP (including remixes from Space 92, Animal & Me and Andres Campo) is out now via FORM Music




  1. POPOF – Skylighter (Original Mix)
  2. POPOF – Skylighter (Space 92 Meteor Remix)
  3. POPOF – Skylighter (Animal & Me Beast Remix)
  4. POPOF – Skylighter (Andres Campo Remix)