PRAANA release new single “Samadhi”

PRAANA release new single “Samadhi”

PRAANA recently created a spiritual awareness and mindfulness mix in partnership with the Ram Dass Foundation for Volume Two of Colorize’s yearly Colorscapes compilation. The group is back on Colorize with the release of “Samadhi.”
The track is an extension of the spiritual mix. In addition, it was a testament to the project’s intentions. “Samadhi” is aptly named, as it means a state of intense meditative consciousness in Hinduism and Buddhism. The track will lead you to a place of calm and a sense of wellbeing. 

The song “Samadhi” features upbeat harmony, glistening synths, and ebullient vocal chants and pads. This is an inspiring, feel-good anthem from PRAANA. It is a declaration from an act who have made their mark on Colorize and the world of melodic house over the past year that they’re here to stay. The song is truly glorious.

Recently PRAANA has been seen on collaborations on Lane 8’s label ‘This Never Happened,’ and as a guest on Above & Beyond’s beloved series ABGT. Get ready to get calm and meditate. You’ll feel in the mood after this song!
Out now on Enhanced Music’s Colorize imprint


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