PSY-FI: Sustainable, Inclusive, & Psychedelic!

Get ready to be immersed in psy-trance music for 9 days straight!

Do you want to meet Shamans from all over the world? Are you ready to have the time of your life at a European festival? Introducing PSY-FI! PSY-FI offers 24/7 psy-trance music with a 9 day camping experience that will take you completely out of this world. Get ready for one of the most incredible festivals we have in the Netherlands. Featuring a sick line up with international artists, yoga classes, music classes, and free massages (how could you say no to that?)! Did I mention this festival is completely vegetarian? But don’t worry meat eaters – the food will make your mouth water – you won’t be missing anything. Not to mention how sustainable that is


This festival has something for everyone –  they offer free workshops on the ‘sacred island’ which include meditation, yoga, sexuality, trauma, music, and more! Check out everything PSY-FI offers here. Besides the 4 stages with artist lineups, they have a jam stage with tons of instruments where YOU can easily hop on stage and rock ’til you drop! This is so much fun because after you’re listening to music constantly, they give you the opportunity to create your own music! The festival campgrounds also have 6 beaches and2 islands that you can travel in-between with a solar powered water boat!

Before you get to the festival, the creators have invited Shamans from all over the world to bless the land and clear the negative energy away from the campgrounds. This way, as soon as you enter the festival, you will feel an incredible energy like you’ve never felt before.

During the festival, the Shamans have created a healing area where they take you through a guided meditation and work through any areas of difficulties that you face. I promise you – this is life changing.

Each year, the PSY-FI creators pick a different country to ‘feature’ and that country gets a set price of 100€ per ticket! This is a unique way to bring people together and get people from around the world that might not normally go due to location. Regardless, because the Netherlands is so central in Europe, you’ll meet people who’ve traveled from all over the globe to come to this incredible psy-trance experience.


Wanna go to PSY-FI for free? Grab your bike, grab your backpack, and head on over to the campsite! The festival offers those who travel via bike a free festival ticket. More info here

So, you really have it all at Psy-Fi – a sick lineup, an immersive psychedelic camping experience, and workshops from people all over. It’s an experience that will change your life. I hope to see you crazy people there, and you can get your tickets here