Roo AOTD #4 Goth Babe

All aboard the hype train for Bonnaroo 2024! Only 133 days until we are all on the Farm again, can you believe it? It’s coming up fast and we can’t wait to be dancing with all of you at Bonnaroo! Today’s Artist of the Day is the one and only Goth Babe. Learn more about the artist below. Don’t forget to check out all of our artist spotlights! Thank you for reading these posts!

Artist Biography

Goth Babe, whose name is Griff Washburn, is a music nomad who roams the U.S. in his custom camper. A Memphis native, he wrote his first recorded material while a student at Middle Tennessee State University that was later tracked at a Nashville studio. He left school a year later to spend more time on his music before making the journey up to Brooklyn where he worked as a model for Calvin Klein. After his brief stint in modeling, Goth Babe headed to Los Angeles where he started to build a following with his music. He then traveled the Pacific Northwest with his dog in his famous camper rig that includes solar power, a wood-burning stove, and a mobile studio to record his music. Eventually, he purchased a plot of land in Oregon that now serves as his home base. He is signed to Ongakubaka Records. In the last few years, Goth Babe has faced some bad luck but has kept his cheery disposition nonetheless. In 2021, he had to stop performing due to a traumatic brain injury but was able to bounce back and continue doing music. Then in 2022, his house on the Oregon plot burned down in a random house fire.

At the two Goth Babe shows I went to in 2022, he was open about these troubles and used them as a lesson to have gratitude for what you have in life. He made his show about living in the moment, something I admire about him as an artist.


Dream Pop, Indie Pop, Chillwave

Scheduled at Bonnaroo

Sunday (Link to Daily Schedules)