Sluggtopia 3 Red Rocks: KILL THE SNAILS

Sluggtopia 3 at the Legendary Red Rocks

In just a short couple of weeks, people will be heading to Red Rocks on October 4th, 2019 for the glorious 3rd reunion of Sluggtopia!  With it’s ring leader SNAILS to help lead the way towards breaking our necks to some insane bass.  This year, SNAILS will be headlining b2b with Kill The Noise, which will surely be nothing short of heavy perfection, hence the name collaboration of KILL THE SNAILS.

Other artists that will accompany the headliners will be RuskoSullivan KingKrimer, and Decadon which is surely to be a great and consistent vibe to hold through the evening.  They will also be bringing Midnight Tyrannosaurus as their mystery guest artist! 

You’ll want to grab your tickets for this event quick!  You won’t want to miss it!!  What a way to bring in the month of October!!  Additionally, its does seemingly become chilly at the rocks in Colorado around this time of year so make sure to bring an extra layer just in case! To get your tickets CLICK HERE! Thanks SNAILS for bringing us this amazing night of bass!! Be safe and rage hard, SEE YOU ON THE ROCKS!