Solshine Reverie Tips And Tricks

Solshine Reverie is coming up and lucky for you- I’ve been to Summer Camp for many years so I know all of the best tips and tricks to make the most of your weekend experience! Check out all the reels on our socials.

  1. The pre-party is where the party happens! While I don’t have an exact percentage… I would say that 3/4 of the people arrive for the pre-party. And if you want to camp in the legendary forest, you had best be there Thursday! Get set up and enjoy the vibes with your friends so you can be well rested and ready for Friday’s festivities.
  2. The dust at Three Sister’s Park can be a lot. Plan to have a mask, a pashmina, or something to cover your face. I’ve been to a lot of festivals and Three Sister’s Park is by far the worst when it comes to dust that I’ve ever attended. You don’t want a case of the black boogers. Trust me there!
  3. CAR CAMPING! I went that way last year and WOW I will not go back. I WILL be car camping again this year. It is worth the extra cash. But if funds are tight, make sure you have a wagon as it is quite the walk from your car to your campsite. It is a personal preference if you like the thick or thin wheels, I prefer the thick wheels while my husband prefers pulling the thin wheels. Don’t forget those bungee cords to tie them all down! Check out this wagon we LOVE!
  4. Three words- Chorizo. Stuffed. Bread. Seriously, this one vendor has a clay oven on site and it is the BEST! Walk along the edge of the forest near the Moonshine stage to find this delectable treat.
  5. Ensure you check out the Solshine activities. One crucial part of this festival is the fact that there is truly so much to do. The festival prides itself on having so much to do including gardening, glass blowing, yoga, wellness, nonprofits, and so much more.
  6. Bring some things you don’t want anymore! We brought some rave tanks that were too small for Ben last year and traded them at Frick Frack Casino! You can gamble with anything but cash. If you’re not a fan of gambling, you can donate them to the giving tree.
  7. If you’re into jam bands, check out the EDM. If you’re into EDM, check out the jam bands. Seriously! One of my favorite parts about this festival is the fact that both genres are represented. I’m more of an EDM girl myself but have found a love for some of the jam bands. My favorite is probably Here Comes The Mummies. A few years ago, someone was selling baby trees at Here Comes The Mummies and I still have my baby tree to this day! Check the other genres out!
  8. Check out Moe and Umph. Both of these sets will be AMAZING!! It’s just part of the overall SCamp experience (it’ll always be SCamp in my heart), trust me! If you’ve never been before.. it’s not “Are you checking out Moe and Umph?” It’s “which set are you checking out?” They’re a staple at this festival and you have got to see them at least once!
  9. Check the weather! I’ve had Summer Camps that are FREEZING and I’m running around in leggings, hoodies, and even my light coat. And I’ve had events that are so hot I’m ready to jump in a pool. The weather varies here every year so make sure you check the weather so you can plan accordingly! Additionally, if it rains, the festival can turn into a mud pit. I’m not joking, bring boots because it can get BAD! I love these because we use them at festivals, when we go on the river, and when we kayak. So many options! They are a little pricy but well worth it because they are comfortable!
  10. Finally, remember, it is a marathon, not a sprint. Take time to SLEEP, eat healthy food options, and rest. We love taking a breather at the campsite so we can be ready to go hard at night!

Will we see you at Solshine Reverie? We sure hope so! Tickets are still available!