Sound Quelle Shares Melodic Album Trait

Sound Quelle shares his melodic house album Trait on Colorize

Talk about melodic! Over the past few years, Russian producer Sound Quelle aka Valery Lebedev has established himself as a leading artist in the deep and melodic house world. He sure does have a gorgeous album! Thanks to a prolific work-rate and assured confidence, he has developed a singular sound that has captured the ears of dance music fans around the world. His works have seen millions of streams and features on prominent playlists like Deep House Relax, Chill Tracks, and Night Rider on Spotify. In addition, he has seen support on his productions from renowned DJs and producers including Diplo, Nora En Pure, and Above & Beyond. These artists provided their support for album single ‘Hung.’ The track is currently on rotation on Sirius XM Chill. In addition to his fast building portfolio, Sound Quelle has also performed across Europe with Colorcapes and ASOT 950!


This is a defining album for Sound Quelle. Trait embodies him as a person and as a musician. For example, the album inlcudes a sprawling exploration of the depths of deep and melodic house music. This bold, fifteen-track album is a truly gripping listen. The melodic current that runs through his production is standout. You can definitely see this from his work. For instance it’s delicately arpeggiated background synths on tracks like ‘My Heart’. In addition, the album includes flashy synth-focused tracks like ‘Virol’ and ‘Znan’. Seriously, Sound Quelle’s melodic focus makes this a remarkable listen. I thoroughly enjoyed it! The album is mixed with his driving, polished percussion. This gives each track powerful momentum and creates exciting textures like the breaks-influenced ‘Chernobo’. Trait demonstrates an artist who has focused his sound and stands in a lane of his own. 

Collaborators On Trait

There are some huge names on this album! Sound Quelle also enlists a range of exciting collaborators on ‘Trait’ who bring unique flavors to their tracks. For instance, Brandon Mignacca’s energetic delivery on ‘I Want To Know’ and ‘Let Go Let Live’ is perfectly complemented by the more soft approaches of Diana Miro on ‘Summer Rain’ and Run Rivers on ‘Rise’. Gunnva’s airy vocal on ‘My Heart’ provides a perfect angelic texture to the album’s opening track. In addition, Alex Holmes’ vocal collage of harmonies on the final album single ‘Erupt’ is a highlight moment. Sound Quelle also recruits producers Referna and Reskide for three of the album’s tracks. The serene album closer ‘Radioman’ with Reskide features creative use of live drums and Russian voice-overs to conclude the album.

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