Staying Connected to the EDM Scene in 2020

I think everyone is struggling to stay connected in this crazy time. I feel so strange because I haven’t been to a real concert in months. I went to a drive in, but it just wasn’t the same. This pandemic is crazy, that is for sure!! To stay up to date and connected, we’ve had to find out new ways to keep up on the latest music and with our favorite artists. I’ve compiled a list of a few ways that I am staying in the know and feeling connected with my EDM family.

1: Keeping Up On My Favorite Music

One of the things I love most about writing for The Festival Voice is that I can keep up on some of the newest tracks that are being released! I love hearing the new tracks and sharing them with my friends. Music has a powerful way of making people feel connected and keeping up on your favorite tracks is one way to stay connected. Generally, I hear new tracks at concerts and festivals. Who else here loves Shazam? 

2: Podcasts

I have shared about Podcasts before in The Power of Podcasts, but listening to podcasts keeps me up to date on the newest music. There are tons of them out there, but my personal favorites include Monstercat, Kannibalen, Tritonia, Illenium’s Phoenix Radio, 3Lau’s House, and Hardwell on Air. I love listening to podcasts! Check out my article if you want to know more information about how to access these!

3: Keeping Up With Artists

You can keep up with your favorite artist releases by following them on socials. Personally, I feel artists are more open on Twitter. Facebook seems much more business-like while on Twitter, you see a glimpse into their real personalities. I follow tons of my favorite artists on Twitter to see what they are up to. While they release new music there, it is much more about feeling connected to the artists when I use Twitter. You can follow your favorite artists on Soundcloud, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more! 


4: Facebook Groups

I love being apart of Excision’s Headbangers and Seven Lions’ Codex Family! These two groups have tons of like minded people who share their love of the same artists. Talking to them and feeling connected is huge! I love seeing the posts on my news feed as well as commenting. If you are in need of meeting people like you, join a group for your favorite artists! 

5: Twitter

I talked about Twitter earlier when I shared about following artists. I personally LOVE twitter because I can talk to people who like similar things. My Facebook is filled with people I actually know. While some of them like EDM, I also have many people from high school or people from my town. On Twitter, however, I’ve found an EDM crowd. I love getting to know these people, most of whom I’ve never actually met! It makes me feel connected.

6: Livestreams

I think the obvious one here is watching livestreams. Artists are doing them all the time and you can dance in your living room to your favorite artists.

Stay safe and connected out there! All of us at The Festival Voice can’t wait to rage with you at the next show or festival! We love you!