Synthesis: Washington DC’s Underground Dance Movement


Washington DC’s Underground Dance Music Movement

Synthesis is a dedicated group of music lovers that brings Trance and Progressive music to the DMV area. The event host company was founded by Matt Spencer, Tavo Marquez, Ricky Sarmiento, Will Carder, Thong Le, and Justin Chang. From club events to secret warehouse shows around the area, the owners share the same common goal and that goal is the desire to support every established and up and coming artist and producers to make the scene unforgettable. I had the chance to sit down and talk with Tavo Marquez, a co-owner of Synthesis, about the company that’s trying to change it all up.

What motivated you to create Synthesis?

Tavo: Matt and I have been throwing parties for a while, we have met so many wonderful people while doing so. Will, Thong, Justin, and Ricky have been part of the scene as well and we all shared a common goal. To have a party with no drama, no politics, just a good time.
We became partners but most importantly we became a family, and we started to host parties and I think we are kicking ass so far.

What is Synthesis about?

Tavo: Synthesis is about the people. We are a group of clubbers that love this scene, and we want to share that with everyone that comes to our events. We are one big family, and our goal is to try to support every established and up and coming artist, promoters, and clubbers to make this scene better and memorable.

How long has the company been in Business?

Tavo: Synthesis is a bit over 2 years old and counting!

What are some highlights shows/artists you’ve had at your shows?

Tavo: We all have our favorite shows, but I think we all agree that our event Third Eye with John OO Fleming was one for the books. That event described Synthesis core, one big family having a blast in a warehouse with a legendary DJ.
That event made some buzz around the globe too, and I personally met with JOOF a few months ago and he said that Third Eye was one of the best shows in his career.
Such an amazing time…

Do you plan on expanding and if so, how?

Tavo: Expanding? Well, we are focusing to grow our scene in DC. With that being said since we are a big family… We are working on a few things but unfortunately, we can’t give any details yet. Stay tuned!!!

Do you believe the trance crowd is growing in the D.C. area?

Tavo: Trance is such a great and diverse genre, you can choose between so many different styles depending on your day or mood. The Trance scene in DC is growing for sure, we are blessed and lucky to be part of it.


Synthesis is a completely different world whether it be an intimate boat party or a warehouse after hour submersion. The year is early and I am anticipating only good things to come for this talented team. Looking for some good music, and great parties all year long? Check out Synthesis for upcoming events!