Ten Essentials For Winter Festivals

While summer festival season may be over here in the U.S., and we’re hanging up our glittery underwear, a new festival season is upon us. Winter festival season, in my opinion, is extremely underrated. For starters, you have SnowGlobe Music Festival that will be taking place December 29-31, in Tahoe, CA. You also have the X Games in Aspen, CO January 24-27, which has branched out more into the music scene. While these festivals are absolutely amazing, they’re COLD. Pasties and some shorts, while super cute, are not going to cut it. You may be thinking, “how can I look cute and still be warm?” Well, here are eleven essentials that will not only keep you warm but keep you looking adorable as all get out!

1. Onesies

Onesies are a great way to keep warm, and also look cute. There are a variety of options for every price range. Amazon has a ton of great, affordable onesies and they keep you warm! Not only do they have fun patterned ones like this American Flag Onesie, but they also have animal onesies like this dinosaur onesie! If you’re looking for something more high end, you can always investigate Ninja Suits. They’re not a typical onesie in the sense that they’re more form-fitting, but they’re a great base layer to wear under your clothes or another onesie. Plus they also come in fun patterns, like this pizza print.


2. Headwear/Spirit Hoods

During the winter, heat escapes from your body through every part of your body. There is a myth out there that a lot of heat escapes from your head, but that is not necessarily true. Regardless, keep that noggin warm! You could go the beanie route, which is a classic, and more affordable. Or, you could snag a Spirit Hood. They’re a splurge, but great for any occasion. These hats are not only adorable, but they have built in mittens! Though, you should still have other warm handwear.

3. Handwear

Speaking of warm handwear, definitely, invest in a pair of warm mittens or gloves. Amazon has affordable quality handwear, so you don’t have to be spending a fortune on gloves for one or two festivals. Make sure they’re waterproof, too! Nothing is worse than cold, wet hands when you’re trying to ride the rail.

4. Boots/ Socks

Nothing will ruin a festival faster than cold/wet feet. Invest in some great wool socks, like these from L.L. Bean. Those are my personal favorite! Or, get some fuzzy socks, from The Joy of Socks, to not only add some pizzazz to your outfit but keep your feeties warm!! Make sure you have waterproof shoes, as well. You can waterproof pretty much any shoes, so there’s really no need to buy new shoes for this!

5. Layers

In addition to the onesies, you want to layer! Get yourself a good set of long johns, or thermal tights/shirts. Once again, Amazon has a wide selection of thermals, and they’re extremely affordable! Having a tight base layer will help keep your core warm, and in turn, keep you warm!

6. Face masks

Hats and great layers are important, but so is keeping that face warm! Our friends at iHeartRaves.com have a giant selection of fashionable face masks. They’re warm and come in a variety of patterns and designs. Rei.com also has a great selection of fuzzy face masks, but they don’t come in as many fun designs!

7. Waterproof Outerwear

When you’re at an outdoor festival, it’s important to have waterproof outer layers! You can get cheap windbreakers at Target. They don’t have to be incredibly warm, especially if you have a giant fuzzy onesie underneath. But if you are looking for a more top of the line jacket, Northface has great jackets and great deals.

8. Hand/Foot warmers/ThermaCare back wrap

To keep yourself even warmer, go to a Walgreens/CVS/Rite Aid, and pick yourself up some hand warmers (my favorites are HotHands) and/or a ThermaCare heat wrap. The hand warmers can be used on your hands, feet, and even in a bra or pants. The ThermaCare heat wrap can be wrapped around your back to keep your entire core warm. Plus, all of these types of warmers come in multi-packs, so you get the most bang for your buck.

9. Emergency Blanket

I know emergency blankets aren’t the most fashionable things, but they keep you incredibly warm! The last time you encountered one of these was probably in middle school during a fire safety drill. Yes, they keep you warm during an emergency, but these days they’ll keep you warm during a freezing cold winter festival.  You can buy them on Amazon or pick one up at your local Walmart, Cabelas, or REI.

10. Sunscreen/Moisturizer/Chapped Lips

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can forget the sunscreen at home. For festivals in the mountains, that sun is even more powerful. And some sunscreens protect against windburn as well. Windburn is something that will definitely ruin your ability to rage. You can also try putting some aloe vera serum on under your sunscreen for extra moisture! Also, don’t forget your chapstick. My personal favorite is O’Keefe’s. Not only does it keep your lips hydrated all day, but it also has SPF 30. Dry conditions plus low temperatures are a recipe for chapped lips, and that’s not cute!


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