The Archer debut’s EP Lonely Dream – CHECK IT OUT HERE.

The brand new creation from LA-based DJ, producer, and label head Arash ‘The Archer’ Homampour – has officially launched There is A Light with the highly anticipated release of The Archer’s debut EP, Lonely Dream.

There is A Light is a platform to showcase some of the brightest international talents in electronic music – as well as being a home base for ‘The Archer’s own portfolio of productions – Homampour’s vast knowledge of music spans from Deep House, New Wave, Disco and Techno, will be the heart of everything that the label represents as he aims to deliver a constant stream of diverse and quality content throughout 2021 and beyond.


Starting off strong with the dynamic title track Lonely Dream, The Archer brings out an influx of talent as he combines rhythmic tribal percussion and a haunting vocal hook with the spine-tingling bass and impressive production value throughout both the Radio edit and the extended mix. He has truly delivered and impressive debut.


“Music is transformational in its ability to instantly transport you from sadness to joy and everything in between. I wanted to establish There Is A Light Records to explore that journey of ‘the in-between’. Lonely Dream is just the first destination, with three distinct floors.”  – The Archer


Throughout the album you can hear The Archer flex his A&R muscles for this first time on the nascent label – as he brings in French Maestro Matt Sassari to add his unique spin on the thrilling opener. A pioneer coming into the newest wave of techno that’s swept over France over the past few years, Sassari’s intense yet minimal interpretation dives deep into a more underground timbre than the original. Sassari builds on the already chilling discography.


Finally, TIAL welcomes the critically-acclaimed Japanese production duo Drunken Kong to take care of the closing duties – with another electric remix of Lonely Dream. With the abundant releases such as Tronic Music, Octopus Recordings, Still For Talent, Terminal M and Natura Viva (to mention a few), throughout 2020, the duo looks to start off the New Year in incredible fashion. Drunken Kong brings together tech basslines, frenetic drum patterns and building crescendos in a perfect mash to conclude the fiery debut EP on There Is A Light.

The Archer – Lonely Dream EP, featuring remixes from Drunken Kong and Matt Sassari is out now via There Is A Light.

Lonely Dream EP Tracklist:

The Archer – Lonely Dream (Original Mix)

The Archer – Lonely Dream (Matt Sassari Remix)

The Archer – Lonely Dream (Drunken Kong Remix)

Artist: The Archer, Matt Sassari, Drunken Kong,

Title: Lonely Dream EP

Label: There Is A Light

Release date: January 29, 2021

Cat No: TIAL001

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