The BEST Artists At Necropolis Music Fest

Chicago, are you ready for the next big Halloween Festival? We haven’t had one in the area in the past few years, and boy, are we ready! Recently, Auris Presents put on Heatwave and it was a blast! The same company is bringing us Necropolis and we’re ready to get spooky! 

Okay, so these are all my own personal opinions- but I wanted to share some of the hottest names on the lineup based on recent shows that I have seen. I am not putting them in order, rather this is in the order of the lineup.

  1. Adventure Club. I am psyched to see this show again because this was one of my favorite sets at Lost Lands 2021. I got into Adventure Club back in 2013 and they were present at the second show I ever saw, Alesso and Adventure Club, where they actually brought out Krewella, who was my favorite DJ duo at the time. I am so psyched to see this set again!
  2. ARMNHMR was a treat at Global Dance this year! They were one of my favorite sets of the entire weekend and I am psyched to see them again. I think my favorite song is Falling Apart, like everyone else, but it is such an amazing track. It reminds me of the love we all need to feel when we’re falling apart. Looking forward to this!
  3. Excision is one of my FAVORITE artists of all time. He is always a headbanging good time and I’m looking forward to breaking my neck and throwing elbows to some of the best dubstep there is. 
  4. Svdden Death isn’t doing a VOYD set, which is such a bummer, but he’s still going to bring the heat! If you haven’t seen a VOYD set, you need to check that out! Check out one of my photos of the legendary event and get ready for some amazing dubstep tunes!

5. Alison Wonderland has been killing it on Radio Wonderland lately! I don’t know if you’re in the podcast game, but I personally love listening to podcasts! Radio Wonderland always brings the vibes. I still think one of my favorite tracks is F*** U Love U.
6. Wreckno seems like a blast in a glass, honestly. While I haven’t seen him live yet, I am looking forward to this one because of Wreckno’s social media accounts. If you haven’t seen, take a look, because you’ll be psyched for this one as well. 

What about you? Who are you looking forward to seeing at Necropolis? Honestly, there are some names I’m not super familiar with at this point, so I’m looking forward to my review where I share some of my favorite sets, especially the new ones I’m checking out! See you at Necropolis!