The BUKU Experience

The BUKU Project Immerse Yourself in BUKULTURE

Festival season is around the corner and lineups are dropping left and right. Come March, the southern region of the U.S. will be hosting two must-attend festivals… Okeechobee and BUKU! And with all this absolute FIRE being laid down, deciding on which festivals to go to is like choosing which outfit makes your rave booty look the most bootylicious.

The answer is all of them!

Now, I’m not one for choosing sides, but I do happen to be a three-year BUKU veteran. And I’d say this festival is definitely worth attending. Especially if you’ve never been.

BUKU also holds a very special place in my heart because in 2018… I met and connected with the love of my life (so, maybe I am a little biased). We’ve attended 17 festivals together since and BUKU is always one for our list

Not only is BUKU located in New Orleans, one of the dopest party destinations in the country, but it’s also a completely unique festival experience saturated in music, culture, and beautiful artwork.

What Makes BUKU so Special?

BUKU happens to be one of the festivals this very company has made an impact on. Can you guess how we accomplished this?

Through you… and your squad… and that guy with the glitter buttcheeks… and his beautiful unicorn partner. 

When I went to BUKU in 2018, the water stations were so backed up they caused literal crowd buildups and made it nearly impossible to get through. It was so bad… after the first day, I left my camelback at home and chose to spend the money on waters rather than fight the crowds again.

We gave the festival genuine feedback from its attendees… and guess what? BUKU heard us all and on top of that, they LISTENEDWhen I returned in 2019, the water stations were moved and you could really see and feel the difference.

A festival that genuinely cares about its attendees is a festival worth going to.

BUKU is More Than Just a Music Festival

If that’s not enough to convince you… BUKU has so much more to offer. From diversity in music to one of a kind masterpieces in every direction you look. It’s a festival that radiates good vibes and an all-around aesthetically pleasing environment. And with five completely unique stages to choose from, you’ll never feel stuck or grow bored of your surroundings.

Also, Peep the Lineup Though

BUKU 2020 Lineup Poster